SpotU Features

Airlines/Travel Companies and advertisers can now promote their brand or product through dynamic generated advertising/content through any digital communication tool including mobile applications.



  • Clean campaign dashboard showing campaign status, recent, current and future.

  • Web based platform allowing multiple users, including remote use and limited user access.
  • Full control and reporting of partner/supplier revenue tracking.
  • Hosted externally.
  • Live digital content management.
  • Target digital advertising, for use internally of by third parties.
  • First choice across airlines for quick ancillary revenue growth.
Itinerary Advertising

Data Control

    • Tracking across all campaigns, clicks and impression along with geo marking.

    • Multiple image loading across any digital asset.
    • Simple data input.
    • Platform to take routes or products to targeted markets quickly
    • Support when you need it


Itinerary Advertising

Manage Clients

    • Add value to assets you already have, given you have the audience
    • Administrate your platform and users internally
    • Pay as you use business model
    • Bandwidth is no issue as data is managed by us
    • Two integration options- Real Time booking / Inventory Management
    • Live passenger data

Itinerary Advertising