SpotU Application


A web/cloud based platform that dynamically ad serves digital content to passengers/customers across any HTML digital communication platform based on their individual profile, demographics and raw data.

Whatever metrics you capture you can pass to SpotU and targeted advertising/content accordingly.

Ancillary Revenue

Today’s market requires many business’s to offer additional services, rather than just their core product. An airline does not just sell seats onboard aircraft. SpotU allows for internal, or external digital advertising management across any number of users. Suppliers and Partners, with annual financial comments already rely on digital media as part of their marketing. Offering targeted digital media directly to consumers that are already travelling, or advertising frequent flyer options directly to passenger that aren’t members, has proven to be very popular. SpotU reports, along with advertiser revenue tracking, all on one platform. If you are after a platform that offers quick integration, and works across any reservation system SpotU is the solution.


Hosting by Heroku which is easily scalable with content served via Amazon S3.  SpotU can be integrated with any booking/web/ or reservation system while serving content to any mobile application or digital communication tool.

We have already worked with both Sabre Airlines Solutions and  Navitaire both leading reservation systems.